We grow best together ... it's why Jesus led a "small group" of guys He shared life with. At SBWC, our small groups help you Reach the Lost, Restore the Broken and Rebuild the Family.

They also become YOUR family of support! For more info, click here.

Current Groups: 


12:30 pm - Ken & Cindy Ackerman: "Families/Adults"

2:00 pm - Chris & Julie Thomas: "Families"


7:00 pm - Nancy Knight: Prayer 


10:00 am - Erin Arruda & Ruthie Spegiel: "Coffee and Jesus" 

5:15 pm - Jim Moser: "Student Leadership"

7:00 pm - Len Harper & Chris Thomas: "Men Who Want More"

7:00 pm - Kathy Myers: "For Women Only"


8:00 pm - Chuck & Jill Ammons: "18/30's College Age"


7:00 pm - Efrain & Laura Sotomayor: "Latin Families"

7:00 pm - Teddy & Candace Perez: "Families"