Jesus was once asked what the most important commandment was of everything God had spoken. It was a good question. The Pharisees had turned the Old Testament into 613 very specific laws they needed to keep to attain righteousness. Jesus answered that it was to “Love God with ALL of your heart”. Everything. 100%. We are to give our entire being to knowing and loving Him, with absolutely nothing being reserved. He then said that from that place two other loves would take place: we would be able to love ourselves the way He loves us, and we would be able to spend our lives loving others the way He loves them. He said when that happened, we would fulfill the entire Bible!

That’s what the Overflow is about: learning to live in the place where we love Jesus with all of our hearts and it fills us to an overflowing love for others that helps them encounter the love, power and hope found only in Him. “The Overflow” is a time of Open Worship to draw near to your Daddy in heaven, and a time of powerful preaching and impartation to live as Sons and Daughters who make disciples out of the overflow!
In Him,
Pastor Chuck Ammons
Teaching Pastor 
South Brandon Worship Center